Michael Lohan is a deadbeat dad. While Michael has been cavorting around the Hamptons with (yet another deadbeat Dad) Jon Gosselin, he’s been shirking his own responsibilities. While Lohan has been helping Jon with “personal” and “business” matters, he hasn’t been doing such a hot job in his own life. Reports say he’s a whopping six months behind in child support.

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more photos of Michael and Jon after the hop…

People.com reports:

“It’s embarrassing, he’s embarrassing…He’s trying to get deals for Jon. Maybe Jon can tell Michael to pay [ex-wife] Dina child support. He’s now six months behind. Michael is six months behind in child support. Over $12,000 is due, and it’s in the hands of collections now.”

Of course, Michael Lohan is denying this and saying Dina is once again spreading her lies. In fact, he thinks hanging with Jon is good for his wallet. Lohan hopes to rake in some of the cash Jon makes:

“He’s trying to manage Jon Gosselin, and make money from him. It’s gross. It’s all about money,” says the source.

Photos: Bauer Griffin

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