Rihanna gets buzzed! No, Rihanna wasn’t out clubbing or dancing the night away when she got buzzed, she was in a salon! Rihanna came out with a bunch of her hair shaved away in a hot and edgy new style. Is it too edgy?

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More pictures of Rihanna after the shave…

Rihanna is known for her style, whether it is in the clothes, shoes or even tha hair department. But will this hair style become a trend? From the NY Daily News:

The Barbadian singer hit the Manhattan streets yesterday showing off her feathery head of hair and a close shave around the base. The daring ‘do is just the latest look for the singer, who changes her hairstyles nearly as often as her clothes.

But the 21-year-old fashionista apparently likes to take risks, dangling on the fashion edge with her closest shave yet.

I agree, it is her closest shave yet. Do you like Rihanna’s new look? It’s a smart idea for a hot summer…

Photos: Fame

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