Liam and Noel Gallagher fight, then Oasis shows are canceled. Liam and Noel are the famous frontmen of the wildly popular band, however, it seems no more. After a huge fight this weekend, the band is without one brother.


More pictures of Liam and Noel after the quit….

The brothers have fought and fought often. This weekend Liam pushed a little bit too far. From News of the World:

Noel flew at his brother after the comment about nine-year-old Anais – his daughter by ex-wife Meg Matthews.

Liam insisted it was meant as a joke, but Noel could never forget the insult, calling it “unforgivable”.

On the band’s website, Noel blamed “verbal and violent intimidation towards me, my family and comrades” as his reason for quitting.

It forgets to mention that he quit only minutes before the band was supposed to go onstage. Fans were already in their seats, awaiting the shows when the message boards flashed an explnation about the fight and that the show was canceled. How about that for timing?

Photos: Bauer Griffin

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