Lindsay Lohan is losing her hair! After having a ton of dye jobs and hair extensions – Lindsay’s real hair is taking a beating! And really, the alcohol binges and the alleged drug abuse probably didn’t help matters either. Hair health is directly related to your body’s health, and looking at Lindsay’s frame, her diet probably isn’t great.

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More pictures of Lindsay after the break…

Anyone who knows or has seen Lindsay over the last few years knows how fast and hard her living has been. How many times has Lindsay been seen with alcohol in her hands? From Showbiz SPy:

After years of abusing various hair products — dyes & extensions, etc. — the Mean Girls actress’ scalp is starting to show.

And that’s not all — Lohan usually leaves a trail of red hair wherever she goes!

Now, it may seem like Lindsay is leaving a trail of red/blonde hair around, but it could also be noticeable because it is so long. Longer hair strands just seem like more because of the length. Do you think Lindsay has hair problems?

Photos: Fame & Bauer Griffin

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