Mary J Blige gets a guest judge on American Idol now. So far, Victoria Beckham and Katy Perry each get a turn to guest judge on the show in Paula Abdul’s still vacant seat. How long will Paula stay away remains to be unseen, but AI producers are quickly filling up the weeks!

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More pictures of Mary J after the break…

Mary has been in and out of music for years! This will be a great return for her. According to Fox News:

Mary J. Bligemade any worries about the missing abdul evaporate as she filled in for the next audition stop. “She’s one of the greatest to ever grace the microphone I mean she is a legend in her own. I’m looking forward to that. She’s dope. So maybe she can impart some wisdom to these kids because I mean it’s one thing sitting across the table from us, we do it on the regular and everything. But she’s out there doing it. She’s singing out there every night, performing so they’re looking at where they’re wanting to go,” says Idol judge Randy Jackson.

I can’t wait to see her night as judge. Could American Idol have gotten three more different personalities? Victoria, Katy and Mary are worlds apart as far as style! Who do you think they will pick next?

Photos: Fame

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