David Hasselhoff is saying it was his ear that caused the medical emergency not excessive drinking as it was initially reported! Hasselhoff’s camp tells TMZ that Hoff was taking ear infection medications that clashed causing him to become disoriented and sick. – via Popeater.com

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photo above: Hasselhoff with his daughter Hayley

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His camp says: Hasselhoff was released from the hospital after being treated for an hour.

TMZ initially reported that  Hasselhoff’s 17-year-old daughter Hayley Hasselhoff called her mother Pamela for help. An ambulance took Hasselhoff from his Encino home to the hospital. His daughter Hayley famously filmed him falling-over drunk and eating from a plate on the floor in 2007, putting the footage on the Internet in an effort to shame him into changing his ways. – via Pop Eater

I don’t know what to believe if he’s been booze binging, he surely can’t get out of emergency after one hour so let’s give the guy the benefit of the doubt.

photos: Pacific Coast News

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