Demi Moore says she’s never had plastic surgery! Demi, the gorgeous soon-to-be 47 mother of three tells the latest issue of French Marie Claire! Despite close friends saying Demi has spent hundreds of thousands remodelling her face and body, Demi insisted she’s never gone under the knives — So plastic surgeries or not? Here’s what the experts have to say..

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many more photos of Demi and Ashton below..

• She has aged visibly in the past 10 years, and you can see the signs if you really look. “Her lower eyelids have a little excess skin and wrinkles on them compared with a decade ago,” for example, says Dr. Toby Mayer of the Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery. In fact, Dr. Richard Fleming, also of the Institute, even says Moore could use a little face work. “Based on photos I’ve seen, I would do eyebrow lift surgery,” Fleming says.

• Lights work serious magic. There’s a reason aging stars often arrange for photos that overexpose their faces or that use plenty of flash. “If you saw her in person, she would look like she had twice as many wrinkles,” Mayer speculates. “The makeup and the lighting is concealing the depth of the wrinkles.”

• Some people really are just lucky in the face. “One of the reasons she can pull this off is she has excellent bone structure,” Mayer says. Plus, “she has kept a certain amount of fat in her face, and she may do well against sun damage because she has got more pigment in her skin. Blond and fair-skinned people ain’t gonna look like this at that age.” – via E! Online

So what do you think? Demi Moore is telling the truth or not? I think she is. I don’t see why you can’t age gracefully.

Plus being the wife of Ashton Kutcher who’s nearly 16 years junior, I believe that forces her to stay young, you think?

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