Miley Cyrus bashes the paparazzi. Miley had some not so nice words for the paparazzi who follow her – and other stars – around and wait for them to take pictures. Surprising, since Miley had been the one to alert photographers to her movements just a few short months ago!

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More pictures of Miley after the snap…

Miley decided to use Twitter to voice her displeasure at the paps. Does she realize her stalker didn’t have anything to do with a camera, he was just a creepy guy in general? She said via SASF News:

Being a paparatzi (sic) is the most DISGUISTING job imaginable.

Being followed around by creepy photographers is NOT in the job description! YOU try being stuck inside cuz creepers are waiting for u.

I’m not really buying her disgust, because she always smiles and seems to like being followed around.

Maybe Miley has matured and realized that the scandalous pictures and the calling paps all the time wasn’t such a good idea!

Photos: Buaer Griffin

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