Miley Cyrus is dating co-star Liam Hemsworth. Don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard of Liam Hemsworth — we hadn’t either –  he’s a 19-year-old Australian soap actor who recently played Miley‘s boy toy in the movie, Last Song.

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more Miley and Liam after the hop…

During a concert in Los Angeles, reports, Miley sang a song from the flick and showed a sickening reel of the two flouncing about in the water making out and splashing around flirtatiously.

She then turned to the audiences and said something about “art imitating life” which of course has everyone wondering if Miley and Liam are The Next Big Thing.

Liam is a decent looking kid. We’re not sure anyone can truly beat out Panty Man Justin Gaston, but he’s a good try.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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