Robert Pattinson’s security has been beefed up. It seems the closer it gets to Robert’s New Moon release, the crazier the fans around the Vancouver filming set get. Production people had to beef up security to keep Robert safe!

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More pictures of Robert after the bite…

Robert hasn’t been seen in public much at all since Twilight came out. If he is, it’s usually at an awards function. From the Vancouver Sun:

The powers that be put R. Pattz in a house instead of a hotel during filming of the movie, based on the books by Stephenie Meyer, due to security concerns, according to co-star Justin Chon.

“Security has been increased a lot,” Chon, who plays Bella Swan’s friend Eric Yorkie, said in an interview with E! Online.

“They’re a lot more protective … If Rob was to go out in public without anybody, I think it could be pretty dangerous.”

Robert sure seems to draw the females in. It’s probably a good thing that male fans usually aren’t as crazy or else Kristen Stewart would need extra security too. But why doesn’t Taylor Lautner attract the extra attention – he’s hot!

Photos: Fame

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