Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom got a tiger for a wedding gift. Hmmm. A tiger. That’s one for the tacky, wedding gift history. Will Khloe and Lamar regift it?

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More pictures of Khloe and Lamar after the wrap…

It is rumored that the gift registry had some wacky things on it, but was a tiger part of the list or a creative ide? From TMZ:

The guy who owns Kim Kardashian’s favorite diet pill gave Khloe more than just the secret to a slimmer waist as a wedding present … he’s also the guy who bought her that ridiculous $6,200 amber tiger.

We’ve learned the deep-pocketed bearer of strange gifts was Vitaquest CEO Keith Frankel — the guy who owns the diet pill called “QuickTrim.” Frankel’s connection to the Kardashians comes through Kim — who uses his products to keep her famously huge backside under control.

Well at least it wasn’t a real tiger! The Kardashian’s had that chimpanzee stunt backfire on them in the spring, I’d hate to see what a real tiger would due to the animal lovers!

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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