Kingston Rossdale will rock the stage with dad Gavin Rossdale…someday. Little Kingston might only be three years old, but the boy definitely has rock and roll in his roots. He already practices a bit on stage during sound checks. What does Gwen Stefani have to say about his┬áplans?

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More pictures of Kingston and Gavin after the trick…

Gwen actually didn’t make a comment one way or the other. I bet she would be suportive of whatever direction her children went. From Popeater:

After completing a tour with son Kingston in tow, Gavin Rossdale’s three-year-old is yearning to rock out. For real. “At the last benefit we were at, he wanted to get on stage with me and sing,” Rossdale told Popeater at the ‘Rock the Kasbah’ event benefiting Virgin Unite and the Eve Branson Foundation. “Yes he was a little upset with me at the Neil Young Benefit. I told him we can, but we have to practice a bit first.”

That is so cute! And I bet he understood the practice a little bit part too. Gavin looks like a big, tough rocker, but I bet he is a softie when it comes to his kids! How soon do you think Kingston will have his own band?

Photos: Fame

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