Michael Jackson’s dermatologist gives the family a huge final bill. In what was probably a stupid move, Dr. Arnold Klein billed the family for services he performed on Michael between March and his death in June. And it’s rather shocking…

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More pictures of Michael after the shot…

It’s shocking becauseĀ Michael had 179 procedures done in just those three months! 51 are said to be Demerol shots. From TMZ:

In the documents, most of the procedures appear to be minor, such as acne treatments, lip treatments and Botox — yet “I.M. Injection” appears over and over on Michael’s bill — sometimes several times a day. The I.M. Injections correspond to the dates of the minor treatments.

In one particular case, Jackson went to Klein on April 23rd and received three “I.M. Injections” — at $60 a pop.

And one prominent L.A. dermatologist says “I.M. Injection” is commonly used as billing code for the narcotic Demerol.

Demerol is a strong drug and Michael had 51 of them in three months! I can’t imagine a normal person having close to 200 procedures within three months, even for acne treatments. Why did the doctor not stop him?

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