Paris Hilton’ new album was inspired by Kylie Minogue. All you Kylie fans can groan and wonder what kind of horrors Paris is doing to imitate her music. And everyone else can groan because Paris is recording more music.

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More pictures of Paris and Kylie after the lyrics…

Paris said she was recording her music soon but didn’t give a release date. Phew. From TVNZ:

The blonde heiress took to her Twitter account to express her admiration for the Aussie pop princess.

“I’m so excited that Kylie Minogue is having a US Tour!” Hilton tweeted.

“I love her! She is so beautiful and talented and such an inspiration for my new album.”

Is Kylie flattered by that comment or will she be looking to see for copyright? I didn’t think anybody bought Paris’ second or even first album, so why is she making another? Does she like to hear herself sing?

Photos: Fame

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