Spencer Pratt told MTV News that his little sister, Stephanie’s, drinking is no big deal. We’ve heard (and reported) on all sorts of rumors about Spencer and his supposed drinking and drugging (King of Weed). Spencer says it’s easy to have a drinking problem as a reality television “star” in Hollywood.

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more Spencer and Stephanie after the hop…

He told the MTV News (via usmagazine.com):

“I mean, I’ve had problems with drinking in Hollywood, but who doesn’t? If you’re out at a club every night having drinks, then you’re drinking every night of the week,” he says. “First, it starts off, ‘Oh, I just love this dancing and having fun with friends.’ But it’s like, even though you’re just having a couple of cocktails, [it adds up].”

I still don’t get why if you earn over $50, 000 an episode why you can’t call a cab or get a driver if you’re binge drinking. Life, for real.

Photos: Bauer Griffin

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