Joel Madden storms out of an interview. Joel and Benji Madden were on an Australian radio show when Joel had enough of the stupid ‘tricks’ the two hosts wanted him to do.

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More pictures of Joel and Benji after the exit…

Joel seems like a pretty cool guy, except the radio hosts pushed his buttons. From Popeater:

According to a FOX FM page (which was later taken down), the mood in the studio changed when Madden and his brother Benji were asked to test out that old wives tale that twins can sense what the other one is feeling. Benji put on an eye mask and Joel was handed the famous photo of Britney getting out of a car without her undies on.

Joel was not happy and then left without finishing. He said via Twitter:

“Just walked out of a FOXfm interview in Melbourne not in the mood to be a clown.”

He continued, “Most of the time I can put up with idiot morning show hosts but not today. I guess I have finally found some aussie’s I don’t get on with…”

What kind of stunt were they trying to pull? Does it seem like a harmless game gone wrong or did Joel have a hissy?

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