Leighton Meester, The Gossip Girl starlet has a sexy photo shoot for the upcoming  GQ magazine. Meester’s seductive GQ shoot wearing a leather corset and lingerie, that isn’t the usual Leighton we see  in The Gossip Girl as Blair Waldorf. How much do you know about Leighton?

Leighton Meester GQ 

more photos of Leighton in corset and lingerie after the jump…

Besides as Blair Waldorf? Leighton is trying to get herself established as a singer. She has a new single “Somebody to Love” featuring Robin Thicke and the video has recently came out as well. Leighton wears very similar attire in her music video.. a bit raunchy and seductive.

Meester, 23, born April 9, 1986 in Forth Worth, Texas, Meester was born to a mother who was jailed at the time for her involvement in a drug ring that smuggled marijuana from Jamaica to the United States. Leighton maintained she had a normal upbringing despite her parents’ criminal past.

Meester once said: “Look, I could’ve turned out a lot worse.”

Don’t you just love The Gossip Girl?

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