Paris Hilton denies a physical fight with Doug Reinhardt. The couple were seen arguing after they left a Halloween party this weekend after Doug tossed Paris’ cell phone out the window. Some people claim to have seen choking, but Paris denies it.

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More pictures of Paris after the toss…

I can’t see Paris becoming violent, but if I kept losing cell phones and had to re-enter everyone’s number repeatedly, it might be enough to make one go ballistic. But alas, Paris did not. From Entertainment Tonight:

Paris’ rep gave ET this exclusive statement saying, “Doug had thrown Paris’ phone to a friend inside the car and it went out of the window by accident. Paris was annoyed with Doug because she was afraid that the paparazzi would get her phone. There was never a choking incident. The photographs show Doug asking Paris not to go back outside and to calm down.”

And then Paris makes a solo appearance. I bet she is annoyed with Doug, because she has to reprogram all those number in again….

Photos: Bauer Griffin

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