Spencer Pratt tried to get a secret vasectomy. Spencer went in to a doctor’s office and was going to go under the knife until he found out the procedure wasn’t reversible. Spencer planned to do all this without telling Heidi Montag as well…

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More pictures of Spencer after the snip…

Heidi was less than thrilled when she found out about what Spencer had secretly planned. She says via Extra TV:

You would have gone and done it right then if you thought it was reversible?” Montag asks Pratt in disbelief. “And then you would have come home and told me ‘Hi, honey, I snipped my balls off?’”

Spencer said:

During a clip from Tuesday’s episode of “The Hills” obtained by Us Weekly, Pratt admits that he looked into the “seven-minute procedure that can make it so I don’t have babies.”

Argues Pratt, “I thought it was reversible. Once I found out it wasn’t, I left the office.”

I see some trouble in paradise brewing here. Who doesn’t tell their wife they are going to get a procedure done and then live through divorce court after? No one, not even Heidi and Spencer!

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