Cori Rist is Tiger Woods’ alleged mistress number six! Cori is a “Manhattan Clubgoer”, 31 who’s named as another one of Tiger’s many many alleged mistresses! Tiger was flying her around the world while he’s playing his golf tournaments to keep him happy between the sheets.

Tiger cori rist pic

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As reports by the NY Daily News: Tiger and Cori allegedly met at the Manhattan club Butter last year and have been hooking up ever since.

“One thing led to another, and pretty soon Tiger was flying her to hook up with him on tour,” the source said.

Tiger would typically get a large suite at a hotel. Someone would book Cori an adjacent room, so she wouldn’t be seen coming into his room,” the source added.

Wow, Tiger’s women are all coming out like a Thanksgiving parade! Six now over par Tiger!  Let’s recap the women who have so far been named as Tiger’s alleged mistresses: First it was Rachel Uchitel, then Jaimee Grubbs, Kalika Moquin named alleged mistress number 3, Jamie Jungers number 4, Mindy Lawton number 5 and now Cori Rist. Do you think this is just a tip of the iceberg?

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