Kim Kardashian Then and Now! Kim looking back when she was just known as Paris Hilton’s best friend. That wasn’t so long ago.. just turn back the clock to 2006. Now Kim is the star! If you just go by most searched hotties on the net, Kim’s number 4 ahead of even Megan Fox.

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more photos of Kim’s Then and Now…

The list is based on searches done on AOL’s search engine over the past year. Kim has come a very long way in the past few years besides having her own reality TV show, she’s on the cover of many many fashion magazines and of course tabloids. Do I think Kim will remain big in 2010? My crystal ball says “YES”

photos: of Kim as Paris Hilton’s buddy, Kim at a PJ party at the Playboy mansion, more of Kim hanging with Paris and Caroline D’Amore and did you know Kim dated Nick Cannon back in 2006? Nick is Mariah Carey’s hubby.

Bravo Kim! Wishing you even bigger success for the year 2010. By the way, Kim has her own “Kim Kardashian” perfume hitting stores next year, are you going to buy it?

photos: Bauer Griffin

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