Tiger Woods is reportedly returning to golf in the spring time. By Spring, Tiger will have completed his sexual addiction rehab and he hopes to have his life back on track, a source close to the situation told Radar Online. So what’s with the indefinite leave?

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Tiger is at Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services in Hattiesburg, Mississippi as we reported last week  and he’s in a six-week program.
The source told Radar Online that Tiger believes going through rehab will help him convince everyone – including corporate sponsors – that he has changed.

Surely, people love to hear the giant falls and we all love a comeback story. Let’s hope these 6-week could really make him a changed man.

Do you think Tiger’s sex addiction will be healed after the treatment? He still has yet to convince his poor wife.

The women who have so far been named as Tiger’s alleged mistresses: First identified alleged mistress was Rachel Uchitel, the club promoter; then Jaimee Grubbs #2, cocktail waitress ; Kalika Moquin #3, nightclub marketing manager; Jamie Jungersnumber 4, a Las Vegas model; Mindy Lawton number 5, restaurant waitress/manager; Cori Rist number 6, club goer; and Holly Sampson # 7, porn star; # 8, 9, 10 so far are unidentified alleged mistresses, plus # 11 Joslyn James, porn star, Loredana Jolie #12; Julie Postle, cocktail waitress # 13; Theresa Rogers # 14 (click on each name to get details of the alleged mistress)

photo: PCN

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