Avante Rose is the real “Baby daddy” of Tila Tequila. Our friend over at Hollywoodcrack learned from a VERY reliable inside source that this guy in the pictures Avante Rose (known as AR) above is the father of Tila Tequila’s baby. He’s a member of rapper The Game’s, entourage.

Avante Rose

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Remember when Tila went around telling everyone Game was the father of her baby? How can you not tell the difference between getting nailed out by one of The Game’s broski’s or Game himself?

According to Hollywoodcrack’s source:

“Avante’s been bangin’ Tila for a while now, as far back as when she was supposedly in her “relationship” with Casey [Casey Johnson]. She’s been lying the whole time about the whole “surrogate” father thing. She’s been sexually active with Avante as well as other members of Black Wall Street (The Game’s record label). She tried to get to Game but he rejected her ass like AIDS. She called Avante, told him she was pregnant with his kid and told him to go along with whatever she said. Avante’s been seeing her since. She’s getting more and more obsessed with him and now it’s really starting to freak him out.”

I thought Tila said she had a miscarriage? Anyway, I don’t know what to believe when it comes to Tila and her pregnancy.
Here’s your Tila Tequila crazy gossip of the day!

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