Britney Spears test drives car from…the passenger seat? Britney climbed in the passenger side of the $100,000+ car and let her bodyguard do the driving. Is the car for him or for her?

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More pictures of Britney after the test…

Britney also spent the day with her son, doing errands. From TMZ:

Britney and her bodyguard visited the Maserati dealership earlier today in Calabasas, CA — where she was spotted riding shotgun in the car, which is worth well over $100,000.

Britney is such a driven person.

BTW: Britney is on a $500 a week allowance and can’t buy the car without a judge’s approval … and we’re pretty sure that’s not how the judge rolls.

So, do you think the car was for her? Last I knew, bodyguards didn’t make that much money! But if you work for Britney, I guess anything is possible.

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