OctoMom Nadya Suleman  on The View admits she’s delusional but isn’t crazy. Nadya Suleman visited The View today and dicussed her 14 children and mental state. The tabloid target insisted she isn’t crazy, but perhaps a little delusional. If not crazy, Suleman is most definitely eccentric. She speaks at a rapid pace and giggles loudly and uncontrollably.

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Anyway, after giving birth to her sixth child (which seems insane) and one year away from her earning her masters, Suleman thought she was untouchable and could absolutely have one more child. Well, instead came eight.

When Whoopi asked if she was crazy, Suleman responded:

“I’ve asked myself that for years, too,” she confesses. “Everyone goes through life, some people in varying degrees wearing certain clouded glasses. I was in denial for so many years thinking, Oh, I’m so smart, I have a year left for my masters, I can do it all. I’m strong. I study all night long. I’m taking care of my kids, all six of them, no help at all. Not one nanny. So I’m thinking, What’s one more from six? So this happens. It took this monolithic experience of having eight simultaneously to completely wake me up and alter my mindset permanently…Everything, I’m dumping into the book that I’m writing.”

Oh, OctoMom is publishing a book now, too. Sigh. We’ll have to pick that one up right there with Kate Gosselin‘s tome…

Photos: Bauer Griffin

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