Pam Anderson moves more product…at Sears! Pam has been to drug stores, now she’s moving up to the tools mall chain of Sears & Roebuck. My, how the mighty and sexy have fallen.

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More pictures of Pam after the sniff…

Pam signed autographs all afternoon at a Rite Aid in Pennsylvania. She’s going to spend her weekend at two different Sears’ stores in the mall in California! From Dlisted:

So far that is the most glamorous event of 2010! But apparently, Rite-Aid isn’t good enough for Pamela anymore, because she’s now signing at SEARS! Well, smell HER! Actually…..don’t, because I’m pretty sure the surgeon general issued a warning against that.

So if you happen to be getting an oil and filter change at any of these Sears, simply head on over to the perfume department, put on your Hazmat suit and present your receipt and perfume bottle to Pam. After she inspects it closely and punches a hole in it, she’ll gladly sign it for you with a smile!

Oh, poor Pam. At least she is a good sport about it and actually showing up!

Photos: Bauer Griffin

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