Snooki Then and Now! Boy Snooki was slim wasn’t she? The Jersey Shore’s petite Reality star posted some much slimmer pictures of hers on Twitter. Snooki said she can’t wait till she starts training tomorrow, that’s today! (As she posted these pictures last night)

 snooki then picture

more Snooki slim pictures after the jump…

Snooki said these slim pictures of her in a bikini were taken just last year.

Snooki tweeted:

one word : MOTIVATION. Training tomorrow Yes, Yes, Yes!! Gettin that ipod set!
about 11 hours ago from TwitPic

me last year! i cannot wait to start training tomorrow! motivation to get back into shape jeezeeee nicole
about 11 hours ago from TwitPic

Shouldn’t be too hard for her, Snooki’s got a new bodybuilder boyfriend. Click here to see a picture of Emilio Masella

Yes, it does take a lot of movitation to move our butts, doesn’t it? Ok, I am going to cut off some celeb beach body and glue my head on it as motivation!

We’ve been covering quite a bit of Snooki lately haven’t we? Especially since her naked pic hit the Internet a few days ago.

If you don’t know what Snooki looks like today, click Here to see the “Now” Snooki. Do you think Snooki looks better being slimmer?

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