Brad Pitt admitted to reporters in London that he once had to flee Scotland. In the same conversation where Brad Pitt said the only reason he has a scraggly beard is because of boredom, he also told a chilly little tale about getting caught up with the wrong girl while traveling in Scotland.

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The Sun caught up with Brad who was smoking cigarettes and getting drunk in London at the Kick Ass premiere. He said:

“I went to Scotland and travelled around years ago. I went everywhere, saw it all. Edinburgh and Glasgow were special – the architecture is something there…I ended up having to get out of town because I was getting ‘that’ look from a guy behind a bar. I think there is something about rival gangs in the city and I was about to find I was involved. I had to get out of there. It was heavy.”

Brad had a flair for bringing drama into his life even BEFORE fame. Some just have a flair for theatrics.

Photos: Bauer Griffin

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