Brad Pitt has a reason he won’t shave. Brad isn’t that attached to his scraggly goatee, he is just bored. Bored? With six kids, how can you be bored?

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More pictures of Brad after the razor… 

Brad’s family must like the look! If Angelina Jolie wanted him to shave, I bet he sure would. From People Magazine:

Now the actor has given his reason for the straggly facial fluff: He can’t be bothered to change it. “It’s boredom. No other reason than that,” he told Britain’s Sun while chatting in the London kitchen of supermodel Claudia Schiffer and Matthew Vaughn – the director and Pitt’s fellow producer on the upcoming movie Kick-Ass.

Who else could get away with looking like a bum and still be considered one of the hottest things around? OK, Johnny Depp, but not many others!

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