Demi Moore saved another life on Twitter. Remember awhile back when Demi Moore was instrumental in helping a suicidal San Jose woman get help? For some reason another suicidal Flordian reached out to Demi and once again she got him help. Since when did Demi Moore‘s Twitter turn into a suicide hotline?

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According to The New York Daily News, Moore has 2.5 million followers and is practically glued to her computer crafting updates.

“Moore responded via Twitter to a Florida man’s message in which he threatened to hang himself in a town north of Orlando.

“R U rlly asking 4 help?” she tweeted. Nia Vardalos, star of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” also saw the man’s┬áthreat and called a suicide hotline. Just spoke to FL police again, they’re with [him] now. He is ok, it’s not a hoax. Thank u all for sending love,” she tweeted later. “I called suicide line, connected to FL police, I gave his name+city. They went to home, helped him.”

This is…odd. Who think to message Demi Moore when they’re feeling suicidal? Regardless, the man in question is said to have gotten some help. So alls well that ends well.

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