The Jersey Shore cast as been banned from drinking! That won’t make for a very interesting show then! MTV made the call in an apparent attempt to save the gang’s reputation.

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More pictures of the cast after the ban…

There won’t be punching, there won’t be swearing. What’s there to see besides getting nails done and sitting on the beach? From Hollyscoop:

According to Fox News, MTV bosses have requested that the cast members lay off the booze so they don’t completely tarnish their reputations.

We’re not sure the MTV bosses realize that the whole reason we watch Jersey Shore is to see them get drunk, fist pump, and then hopefully get into multiple fist fights!

Sadly taking the booze out of the equation would probably lessen all three of those actions, and we’d be stuck watch them G-T-L every week, which would get a little mundane.

Will you watch the show if it becomes so tame and not natural?

Photos: Bauer Griffin

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