Lady Gaga got sued by her ex boyfreind for $30 million. Back before Lady Gaga became the second coming of a David Bowie and Madonna mash-up, she was just an ordinary Italian “guidette” Stefani Germanotta from New York City. During this time, music producer Rob Fusari took her under his wing, named her Lady Gaga and helped her co-write Paparazzi. They also briefly dated for a little over year in 2006 and 2007.

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Fusari claims he and Gaga‘s Dad formed some sort of a company and he’s entitled to 15-20% of whatever it is Gaga earns. He sued her for $30.5 million today. As reports:

Fusari, whose songwriting credits include the Destiny’s Child hit “Bootylicioius,” claims he saw a future star in Germanotta, and over the next several months worked with her daily and “radically reshap[ed] her approach.” He co-wrote songs appearing on her debut album The Fame (“Paparazzi” and “Beautiful Dirty Rich”) — and, he says, suggested she adapt the stage name Lady Gaga.

Gaga denies this and says she came up with the moniker 5 years ago. Her people didn’t comment on the allegations. We’ll keep you posted!

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