Michael Lohan bugged ex Erin Muler’s car. Now, I don’t know about you, but bugging the vehicle of your ex sure sounds like more stalking and breaking of the restraining order to me! Erin claims she found the bug on the bottom of her car, after¬†her dad checked for an oil leak.

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More pictures of Michael after the drip…

Now, what sane person would let Michael under their car? No one, so he must have snuck it! From TMZ:

Muller claims her dad found the device — which can track the whereabouts of her vehicle in real time — while he was checking for an oil leak.

Muller says when she showed cops the device, they told her it’s the same kind they use to track their own vehicles.

According to Muller’s lawyer, cops are investigating the situation as a felony eavesdropping case — and, as a result, Erin says she’s so paranoid that she’s going to have her apartment swept for bugs.

That’s just creepy. If you were his current squeeze Kate Major, wouldn’t that creep you out and raise some red flags?

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