Rielle Hunter was grossed out by the GQ photos used in the April issue feature story. Rielle Hunter posed for GQ and opened up about her illicit affair with John Edwards (“Johnny“). To be quite frank, the interview was repulsing in and of itself and, yes, the somewhat porno-light pictures didn’t do the feature any favors. But surely she knew she was posing pantless with children’s toys.

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She told Barbara Walters (via People.com):

Hunter, 45, on Monday morning, and that Hunter had “cried for two hours” upon seeing the images and deemed them “repulsive.” Hunter trusted the photographer, Mark Seliger, to take classy photos, according to Walters. But several of them show Hunter lounging around in only a collared white dress shirt and no pants. “I went with the flow,” Walters quoted Hunter as saying.”

Oh, cry us a river. Sure, Hunter isn’t used to the spotlight and not savvy in the ways of gossip journalism but after bedding a married man, having his child and popping out a sex tape, this seems about the lowest on her list of offenses.

Photos: GQ.com

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