Film critic Roger Ebert makes his Oscar predictions on Oprah on Tuesday. Ebert has lost his voice from thyroid cancer and he can no longer speak naturally but he has a new computerized voice. Watch video below.

Roger Ebert

Watch Roger’s video after the jump…

As Inside Movies reports in the Best Supporting Actor and Actress categories, Ebert picked frontrunners Mo’Nique for her brilliant performance in ‘Precious’ and Christoph Waltz for ‘Inglourious Basterds.’

 For Best Actor and Best Actress, he went with the consensus choice of Jeff Bridges (‘Crazy Heart’) and Sandra Bullock in ‘The Blind Side.’

As for the Best Picture, Ebert’s pick is… What do you think? Up in the Air, Avatar or The Hurt Locker?

bring on the drum roll….

Ebert picked The Hurt Locker, the Katheryn Bigelow-directed war film!

The 82nd Academy Awards will be held at Kodak Theater in L.A.; Alex Baldwin and Steve Martin will host the show. It will be broadcasted live on ABC at 5 pm ET or 8 pm PT.

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