Britney Spears released her before and after photoshop pictures for her Candies ad campaign. Spears looks great before and after to me. Why even do the photoshopping  just to make all the celebrities look so 100% unnaturally perfect?

Britney Spears Candies

more Britney before and after photoshop after the skip…

I think this is a good start for celebrities to come out without all the photoshopping, airbrushing, fake tanning, tons of make up, etc, etc. That way women know that celebrities are in fact very much like all of us, they do have flaws.

It’s hard growing up period. Now with the media being this transparent, it makes it so much harder to grow up as a young girl. You have to be ultra skinny; gorgeous is by the standard of what they see on TV. Fake nails, fake this and fake that and soft filtered everything else to make it all looks like a fairytale.

Right on Britney! And right on Jessica Simpson for posing without make up on the cover of Marie Claire. Now I think that’s a great start for celebrities to finally step up and play role models.

What do you think? More celebrities should come out revealing the natural side?

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