Is Jim Carrey losing his mind? Jim has been spending LOTS of time on Twitter, ranting about everything and nothing and just plain ol’ not making sense. Did he quit his medication? Is that why Jenny McCarthy and him split?

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More pictures of Jim and Jenny after the dose…

Jim has been open about his depression and his dislike of all the medicines that came with it. Has he gone over the edge and quit taking them? From Popeater:

Since April 24, Carrey has been tweeting the word up to 40 times day, using it to mean, well, just about anything. “I RRRefuse 2 define BOING!,” he wrote on Tuesday. “1 day when you’ve given up your need 2 explain it and file it neatly away, ‘BOING’… you will understand! }=^P”

The erratic tweets are a red flag for some fans of the actor, who is said to have battled depression and was the subject of a highly unflattering 2007 Radar magazine cover story about his behavior on the set of ‘Number 23.’

Jim has done some crazy things…like wear Jenny’s swimsuit. And you certainly need to have something wrong with you to be that funny, all the time, don’t you think?

Photos: Bauer Griffin

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