JWoww has said she’ll get breast implants every year if she could. This is what Jenni Farley AKA JWoWW told Harper’s Bazaar. Whether the words just came out of JWoWW’s mouth or she’s serious, we have yet to see.

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more JWoWW and her breast implants after the skip…

JWoWW on breast implants: “I’d do it every year if I could.”

Just a couple months again JWoWW said on The View that she ain’t getting bigger boobs. Unless she’s got a change of heart otherwise JWoWW’s current assets stay (size wise at least) but then she’s considering switching..

People magazine reports JWoWW was asked if she was planning to get even bigger implants as has been reported.

She said “No,”  but she added she would be willing to replace the ones she has.

“I got [the implants] when I was younger; at a certain age you can only get saline not silicone,” she explained. “That’s the only thing I would consider … Switching them.”

Saline, silicone what’s better? No idea but as long as JWoWW isn’t seriously about getting breast implants every year, we are relieved.

Do you think JWoWW was joking about getting new implants every year?

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