Lindsay Lohan turned down a Celebrity Rehab deal. This deal to do the show with Dr. Drew would have earned Lindsay a supposed $1 million dollar paycheck! She should have taken it – she isn’t doing any movies!

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More pictures of Lindsay after the no…

It seems the show and Dr. Drew wanted some other big names to sign up and no one has. From TMZ:

Sources connected to the show tell TMZ …. the casting department has set its sights on Lindsay Lohan, Heather Locklear, Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller. Surprise … none of them have signed up.

As for Lindsay, we’re told the show recently offered her $1 million to appear on “Celeb Rehab” as well as “Sober House” and a third possible spin-off. Show sources say they were told Lindsay had no interest, partly because she doesn’t think she has a problem and partly because she wants nothing to do with Dr. Drew.

Supposedly they asked Jenna Jameson yesterday too, but her reps denied a problem. Of course, no one in Hollywood has a problem! Who do you think should be on the Hollywood show?

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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