Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow are enthralled in a nasty cat fight. Madge and Goopy Gwen have been pretentious friends forever, but it seems like the two have hit a rough patch as of late. Reports say it has something to do with business and how both ladies are control freaks and tangled over logistics.

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InTouch had the latest scoop and said:

“The relationship between Madonna and one-time best friend Gwyneth Paltrow has gotten pretty chilly, and according to an insider, neither seems ready to make the first move toward reconciliation. Madonna and Gwyneth are both Type-A personalities,” her pal says. “They had a silly argument weeks ago, and now they both seem to be holding a grudge. The squabble was over business: Madonna wanted Gwyneth to work on a video with her, and Gwyneth refused, says the pal, adding, “They were also working on a book together that went nowhere.”

Who would you rather be friends with — Madonna or Gwyneth?

Photos: Bauer Griffin

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