Tina Fey vs Michelle Bombshell McGee – who’s gonna win this one? The saucy, comedy script writer with a silver tongue or the tattooed mistress who can’t keep quiet? Yeah…Tina had some awesome quips during Saturday’s SNL show and Michelle didn’t like them much.

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More pictures of Michelle and Tina after the skit…

Michelle was going to respond during a tabloid show to say what she thought of Tina’s skits. Personally, they were pretty funny and right on the mark! How about via The Wrap:

Tina Fey said your body “looks like a dirt bag’s binder from 7th grade metal shop.” How do you react to that?”

McGEE: It’s really pretty funny. People like to pick on my tattoos and stuff. And, that’s fine.”

INSIDE EDITION: Tina Fey compared you to a whore.

McGEE: That is kind of hurtful because she doesn’t know me. She doesn’t know my side of the story.

INSIDE EDITION: She said if Hitler were alive, he’d be on Sandra Bullock’s side.

McGEE: That’s very hurtful to bring that up. Hitler. That stuff is just wrong.

Michelle started in a war of words with Chelsea Handler and dropped it. You can’t outwit a women with access to the press and a silver tongue! Leave Tina alone!

Photos: Pacific Coast News, Fame

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