Did the Jonas Brothers lose some of their appeal? The Jonas Brothers filmed a new music video yesterday and it wasn’t crazy with rabid, screaming girls. There were girls there, but the rabid ones must have dumped them and went off to find Justin Bieber!

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More pictures of the Jonai after the song…

Course, it could be that they all have girlfriends or wives now and no one cares. From Celebrity Mania:

The trio invited their enthusiastic fans, who are seen wearing green bracelets, on the filming. In one shot, Joe is seen belting out their single behind his piano before leaping across the stage and stunning the crowd with his dances.

Nick, who refused to take off his sunglasses and sported blue polo shirt, sat behind his cymbal and in another photo, he is seen busy with his Blackberry during the shooting spare time. Meanwhile, Kevin spent his time by chatting with crew members and fans.

I guess the boys are growing up and moving on to better and more adult activities. Do you think they have lost some of their popularity?

Photos: Fame

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