Justin Bieber gets a tattoo! Justin is only 16, so he would have had to have parental permission before he got the ink placed on his body. Where do you think a kid like Justin would ge a tattoo?

68211EX BIEBER B GR 01

More pictures of Justin after the ink dries…

Justin got the image of a bird put on his…guess it…

…hip. What guy – even a kid – does that?

Speculation arose alongside teenage shrieks of desire a few days ago when photos of Bieber playing football sans shirt on a Sydney beach surfaced (see gallery below). The small tattoo on his pelvis appears to be … an anvil? No. The Texas Longhorns mascot? OK, what about the plastic bag in American Beauty? Not that either… what’s that? I see.

My sources (internet) have just informed me that the tattoo is of a bird in flight. Turns out it’s a Bieber tradition, as many members of his family sport bird tattoos on their wrist.

Some families have turkey for dinner as a tradition. The Bieber’s get inked with turkeys – just kidding! – as their tradition. What do you think Justin should have gotten as a tattoo?

Photos: Bauer Griffin

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