Lady Gaga told a crowd of Swedish concert-goers that she’d like to die on stage surrounded by her fans. Gaga has made several cryptic comments about death and whatnot, this being just another to throw on the pile. As we’ve reported, Gaga is a major workaholic and it looks like she wouldn’t even care if she dropped dead because of it.

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She told a crowd in Sweden:

You know when people say, ‘Lady Gaga’s really tired, she needs to take a break,’ I just think about all those times I sang in bars when nobody was singing my lyrics. I’ll sleep when I’m dead, okay? know that I work really hard and I run myself into the ground, and I also know that alcohol will kill me one day. But I would rather not die on vacation, I’d rather die onstage with all my fans.”

Oh wow. So Gaga‘s preferred method of death is onstage surrounded by fans, but more then likely she’ll drink herself into a coma?

Oh to be her poor mother and father listening to this…

Photos: Fame

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