Lindsay Lohan is pals with Samantha Ronson again. Lindsay got her old BFF back and a new bracelet all in the same week. How special! Who will last longer in her life, the bracelet or Samantha?

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More pictures of Lindsay after the drink…

Lindsay and Sam had a vicious split some time ago, but are rumored to have put it behind them and are friends again. photographed Lohan’s ex-love Samantha Ronson leaving her apartment on Friday night.

Lohanspoke exclusively to about the rendezvous. When asked if she and celebrity disc jockey were getting back together, the 23-year-old Mean Girls star told us: “We’re friends.”

Which is a step in the right director for the once dysfunctional couple, who broke up last year.

Maybe now that a judge has Lindsay’s attention, with Samantha’s help, Lindsay can clean up and head in the right direction. Do you think Lindsay can stay sober?

Photos: Fame

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