Mickey Rourke’s dogs aren’t so macho. I would have expected Rourke to have very macho dogs. Rourke is pictured taking his dogs for a walk with a friend. Wouldn’t you associate Rourke with completely different breeds of dogs? Perhaps a Doberman, a German Shepherd or a Bulldog; something very macho. Mickey looks tough on the outside but I bet he must be pretty soft inside.

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Rourke is very close to his canine friends. When Mickey won the award for Best Performance by an Actor at the Golden Globes for his lead role in The Wrestler, he took time to thank his dogs.

Rourke gave a heartfelt speech;  he thanked everyone including his agent, director, producers, co-stars, etc. and then he told the audience he’d like to thank his dogs–both the ones that are still with him now, and those that had passed away.

Sometimes when a man’s alone, all you got is your dog and they meant the world to me.

Do you think anyone has ever thanked their dogs at the Golden Globes?  

photos: Bauer Griffin

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