Beyonce was so horrified to find out her father cheated she refuses to talk to him. This past fall we read that Beyonce‘ father, Matthew Knowles, cheated on his wife and Beyonce‘s mother, Tina, with a Alexsandra Wright a Texas-based branding manager.

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A DNA test also confirmed that he is the father to her child, Nixon. Beyonce was so disgusted by this news that now she and her father (and manager) aren’t on speaking terms. Her record label isn’t happy about this either.

“BeyoncĂ© was horrified to find out her dad cheated on her mom. She always looked up to him, and she is very close to her mom, so this has hit her really hard. She is refusing to speak to him, which is making things difficult where it comes to managing her career. Some people at Columbia now think it would be better to move him aside.”

Reps for Beyonce deny this — but the story sounds believable.


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