Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford married! Calista and Harrison have been together for years, been rumored to be getting married for two years and finally let it happen. Congratulations!

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More pictures of Calista after the vows…

I guess after eight years, you might need some new towels or something, so hey, why not make it official!

They were engaged on Valentine’s Day 2009. Flockhart, 45, and Ford, 67, are in New Mexico, where he is filming the sci-fi action drama Cowboys and Aliens, with Olivia Wilde and Daniel Craig.

Calista and Harrison have been raising her son Liam together, almost since his birth. Technically, they are probably common law married anyway. So, why on a Tuesday and why in New Mexico? After eight years, couldn’t they wait for a weekend or a tropical destination to do it?

Photos: Bauer Griffin

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