Fans are already camped out for the Eclipse movie showing! It has been reported that fans have been sitting in tents and along sidewalks since the weekend, waiting for a glimpse of Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart…on the big screen!

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More pictures of Taylor, Kristen and Robert after the bite…

That’s some dedication if you’re a fan!

As of last night, over 600 Twilight fans were counted camping out in the middle of Downtown Los Angeles, waiting for the Eclipse premiere, which is three days away!

Sources say that when the gates opened at 6 A.M. at L.A. Live plaza yesterday morning, 350 people were already lined up! And the numbers are still expected to grow!

We bet the Laker fans really hated all of them yesterday!

Wow. Can you imagine how hot, smelly and tired these people will be by the time the movie starts? Ick. Would you ever camp out for a movie premier? Have you already done so for a movie? What movie?

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