Paris and Nicky Hilton get ready to head to the World Cup Finals in South Africa. Paris and Nicky went shopping for some clothes and makeup in order to go and….party. The US is out and Paris has never been a soccer fan, so she’s there for the party!

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More pictures of Paris after the stripes…

A girl can never have enough accessories, so Paris and Nicky stocked up!

Clearly not content that the dress itself made enough of a statement, the heiress went heavy on the gold accessories, donning a headband, chunky bracelet, heels and matching bag.

While the wealthy sisters aren’t known for being football fans, they are never ones to turn down a chance to party, which perhaps explains their decision to fly to South Africa for the World Cup finals.

Maybe Paris is just trying for some PR time, because she hasn’t gotten much lately. What other famous people do you think will be heading to South Africa for the big bashes? Who is a soccer fan that might want to go and watch?

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